Instructions for authors

Guidelines and Manuscript Preparation

Paper size: A4
Margin: 2.5 cm at top, bottom, left and right
Text: Times New Roman, Single column, 1.5 Line Spacing
Title: 16 Times New Roman, Capitals, Bold
Authors’ names : 11 Times New Roman
Affiliation: 12 Times New Roman
Abstract: 11 Times New Roman, Italics, Bold,  50 to 100 words.
Index terms: 10 Times New Roman, Bold,  5 to 10 keywords.
Headings and Sub-headings: 12 Times New Roman, Capital
Captions of Figures, Tables: 12 Times New Roman, Title case
Equations: Free format
References: 12 Times New Roman, Authors’ names, title of the paper, name of the journal/conference, volume number, serial number, page number, month and year
Equations: Chemdraw, Chemsketch, Microsoft Equations (Mathematical Equations)
Manuscript Handling Charges : We charge authors to publish their manuscript once it is accepted by our Editorial Board Member. We will send the acceptance letter with account paraticulars through email only.