Education and the Subject of Reason: A Phenomenological Inquiry

Kaustuv Roy

Women in All of formal education rests on the plinth of reason, and yet the nature of reason itself is rarely discussed by educators who take its self-presence for granted. However, even a cursory look through the history of reason reveals the ambiguities, inconsistencies, and striking differences between different conceptions of reason as well as the thinness of its self-knowledge. In an effort to bring reason under scrutiny in the context of education this paper engages with five major viewpoints on reason, namely those of Kant, Hegel, Marx, Husserl, and Freud. The analysis is aimed at trying to find clues as to the behavior of reason using shifting perspectives and deriving there from a complex understanding of rationality that goes beyond the naïve positivistic outlook that forms the background of education in general.